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We are proudly the premier Tuckpointing Contractor of Chicago. We have been serving the Chicago area for over 30 years. No need to look any further than here for the best possible service from a tuckpointing contractor. Tuckpointing is the process of repairing mortar joints in stone or brick masonry walls by grinding or raking out the old mortar to a certain depth, and then filling in with new mortar. If not repaired, it causes moisture to break down the stone or brick masonry wall and possibly cause moisture problems behind it. The method was originally developed in England, in the late eighteenth century, to imitate brickwork constructed using rubbed bricks which were bricks of fine, red finish that were made slightly oversized, and, after firing, then were individually cut, often by hand, to a precise size. Mortar, the main ingredient in tuckpointing, is the cement-type product that is used between bricks to hold them together and keep the weather out. Over the years, it becomes soft or “rotten.” It then starts to fall out, a little at a time. It is important because it replaces the mortar that has fallen out from your bricks for e.g your chimneys, fountains etc. It needs to be done before winter so that ice will not further tear your bricks apart.

There are various tools used during tuckpointing, originally made from forged iron by blacksmiths dating back to their origins in England. These tools have expanded into tools made from a hardened quality tool steel and shaped with a sharp-pointed front with a flat base or a beaded or grooved base. The sharp point helps in making the tuckpointed fine line smooth. Tuckpointing tools have a wooden handle which is attached with a brass ferrule.
Thicknesses or widths of tuckpointing tools may be between 1 mm and 14 mm depending on the tuckpointers’ personal preferences and the type existing brick or stone work that a tuckpointer is tuckpointing. Tuckpointers often use wider tools when tuckpointing stonework.
Knowledge of tuckpointing will help to make an informed decision of what is necessary and its importance. We can help to restore your exteriors from the effects of severe weather, ground and building movement, and other environmental factors. Depending on the size and scope, we perform spot, 100 percent, and full-grind tuckpointing service to create stunning exteriors and help match your building restoration goals. We are dedicated to our clients’ satisfaction!