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Limestone Repairs

Limestone is a broad term that refers to many types of sedimentary rock in which calcium carbonate is the primary component. One hundred million to 500 million years old, limestone is derived from fossil deposits of marine animals. It generally has a uniform consistency and texture and is usually buff or off-white in color, but it can also be gray or very light in tone. Limestone is different from some rocks because it cannot be polished. Limestone repairs have to be done undertaken to preserve the characteristics and history of a building. History tells a story that has a significant impact in our lives today.

The age, style and significance of a building or structure can often be understood by analyzing exterior designs, features and materials. Changes in taste, fashion, architectural style and use may be evident. In rehabilitating limestone it is critical to treat the exterior with great care to preserve the quality of the building being restored.

Distinctive features, finishes and construction techniques are examples of craftsmanship that characterize a property and should be maintained. If possible, deteriorated historic features should be repaired as best as possible because a story is being expressed. If replacement is necessary, the new feature should match the old as much as possible in design, color, texture and other visual qualities to paint a picture of quality restoration.

We are experts in this field, we are care takers of providing quality craftsmanship and work ethic. Restoring an historic building is not uncomplicated, it has to be done with the up most care and skill to create the best niche for customer satisfaction. We are trusted experts in our field because we care about the history of each building being restored. We undertake a task not only using our skill but also the dedication of time and effort that is placed in preserving a building’s character.