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We are the chimney repair pros of Chicago. Chimney repair is vital for homeowners to get done when needed, because it’s usually forgotten. The black or brown residue of combustion that collects on the inner surfaces of a chimney flue liner is highly flammable. If allowed to build up, it can catch fire, causing cracks in “fireproof” brick, stone or clay flue liners and allow heat to reach nearby wood framing and other combustible materials in your home.  This is very avoidable and we can help you with this asap.

The risk of damage to your chimney increases if you live in a historic home. Masonry chimneys deteriorate with water damage, wind, poor construction and lack of maintenance. Building, repairing, and extending masonry chimneys is best to be scheduled during warmer weather, when the chimney sweep is more likely to allow the needed time for this type of repair.  Chimney repairs can get quite extensive and expensive if you don’t catch problems early and take care of them. Damaged mortar can be repaired with relative ease, but a collapsed chimney is another matter altogether.

A dirty chimney is the cause of many house fires each year. Have your chimney inspected and cleaned, protect your chimney from leaks, cracking, and deterioration, which may result in costly replacement. If they aren’t working properly, they can and eventually will cause major hazards to health and safety as well as the surrounding environment.

We are happy to perform total re-builds with new flues to simple spot and tuckpointing repairs in order to stop roof-related masonry leaks. Chimney repairs are a necessity and should be done in a timely, efficient manner. Your satisfaction is important to us and we aim to provide quality service.